Health Care

  • I favor healthcare insurance between the patient and the doctor - not government run healthcare. 

  • I believe that all health carriers should be at liberty to compete nationwide, in all 50 states, without limitations and restrictions.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • I believe we are taxed enough. Reduce government scope, size and power to live within its revenue. 

  • The Government should not burden future generations with debt. New bonds are not a fiscal solution. 

  • The economic impact of any law or regulation should be calculated fairly and disclosed publicly. 


  • I acknowledge the truth, that life begins at conception and ends with natural death; that all human lives existing within those markers have the same rights and protections guaranteed to all Americans. 

  • I see the sanctity and value of every human life as equal, no matter the physical or mental diagnosis given before or after birth. 

  • I remain committed to defending the unborn and will continue to endorse measures that protect babies in the womb.

Equality of Opportunity

  • I believe in equal opportunity – not equal results. We should be limited only by vision, abilities, intellect, and personal ambitions - not race, creed, birthplace, or government. 

Individual Responsibility

  • I believe in Capitalism moderated by the Golden Rule. Socialism fails whenever it is tried.   

  • All people are responsible and accountable for the consequences of their actions.I encourage charity, private humanitarianism and philanthropy, not government welfare. 



Limited Government

  • Freedom secured by the rule of law - not by arbitrary judicial or executive decrees.  

  • Freedom from excessive regulation and confiscation imposed by unelected bureaucrats.  

  • Freedom of association and assembly without fear of government surveillance and coercion. 

  • I favor a reduced power IRS which presumes you guilty - not innocent. 

  • Government should preserve our sovereignty and borders and provide the necessary legal and physical infrastructure for the common good. 

  • The government that governs least governs best. I favor private enterprise over public departments. 

  • We are best governed at local levels. I favor local school boards. I am against “Pono Choices”. 

  • The Government should enforce laws for a prosperous free market; not to compete with private enterprise. 

  • Left alone, government grows - liberty withers. I favor reexamination of laws and regulations. 




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